Here I am hard at work!

Let your material shine and keep readers interested, free of technical distractions.  I can edit and/or proofread your documents, blog articles, web content and manuscripts for that polished and professional look with concise spelling, grammar and punctuation.

GARNAN Services provides Copy Editing that is performed at the sentence level and is done in the early stages of writing with emphasis on both style and format, passive or active voice and consistency throughout the document.  Sentence level copy editing may be combined with full proofreading services for a nominal rate based upon word count and document style.

A more substantive edit requires changes to plots or characters and story flow.   Improvements to introductions or conclusions and redundancy in text may need to be done.  This type of lengthy editing requires more time to perform and at a higher cost to the client.  A complete summary report describing the changes suggested in the document is provided to the client along with the Track Change feature highlighting edits in a Word document.

Proofreading is considered the final stage in document preparation before it is submitted.  Professional proofreading will search for punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and spelling errors plus typing and spacing mistakes.  Consistent font styles and page formats are also tracked.

GARNAN Services will proofread your documents and written materials to insure a polished, professional looking finished product.   Clients will receive a complete summary report itemizing what changes or corrections were made to the document as well as the utilization of the Track Changes feature in Word documents.

Completion deadlines are guaranteed.  Our low rates are based per each 10,000 word count or a flat rate for non-Word materials.

Nancy M. Wade