Reunion With Death -   Nancy Wade has done it again! She has created yet another delightfully suspenseful cozy mystery set in the small town of Meadowood starring the cute and curious sleuth Meredith Gardner and her faithful girl tribe. Come along as they set out to solve the mysterious death of the Class of 1996 high school reunion crasher. The stakes are upped when Meredith's own deputy husband is wrongly accused . . . or is he? You'll be guessing until the end.  - Author, Tammy R. Smith 5/28/2021

Reunion With Death -Class reunions bring together high school sweethearts, old friends who you haven't seen in years and lots of memories. Ms. Wade's book has all of the above, plus a murder! You will want to keep turning the pages to see who the murderer is. The ladies of Meadowood solve the crime before the police do! A good read to take to the beach. -- M. Shoemaker 7/20/2021 on Goodreads

Scarecrows and Corpses - Scarecrows and Corpses is an intriguing and fun read for all the cozy mystery fans out there! I wanted to read it in one sitting, but alas, bedtime called and I had to wait until the next evening to finish. The story was just that good. Meredith is a very relatable main character with a cast of solid supporting characters readers will enjoy. The well-written description of Meadowood and its citizens made me feel like I lived there. Plus, the tension leading up to the discovery of the "one who did the dastardly deed" was truly entrancing. I want more! I cannot wait for the next Meadowood Mystery. - Author, Tammy R. Smith 9/17/2020

Scarecrows and Corpses - Great mystery story. Loved all the characters And a small town community! Good read!! -- H. Amme 9/16/2020 on Goodreads

Scarecrows and Corpses - Loved this mystery! I made the mistake of reading late at night and was up most of the night finishing it. I can usually figure out “whodunit” but not this time! - Alsbarb 9/30/2020 on Amazon

Endless Circle -  Absolutely perfectly written. Characters well developed. Storyline fast and intriguing. Love that nothing left hanging. Perfect amount of mystery and challenge. Good read! -    L. Stevens  10/22/2016, Amazon

Endless Circle - A wonderful love story with a little bit of mystery attached. I love the setting the author chose and the way she wove the mystery thru the years of the characters. A great read. Looking forward to more novels from this author. - M. Shoemaker  3/5/2014 on Amazon

Moment in Time - Great book full of suspense and love. The ending was gripping, suspenseful, sad and wonderful all at the same time. Your characters were rich and believable; research was impressive and the story line was superb.  - K. Clark 11/14/2019

Moment in Time - I am a big fan of historical fiction and this book was truly amazing. It had me from chapter one and I was unable to put it down. Read it in two days. Very well written and the plot was catching. I hope to read another book by Nancy very soon. Good job! - Author, Joanne Fisher 12/18/2019 on Goodreads and Barnes & Noble.


“Nancy was an absolute delight!  She was SO EFFICIENT.  Great communication skills, formatting and editing was perfect.  I loved working with her!”  - P.C. Smith, author The Devil and His Many Colors

"Nancy did an OUTSTANDING editing job. She completed the assignment before due date which is a PLUS. I look forward to working with her again--soon!" - J. Harris, agent for Common Man's Financial Guide

I want to thank my friend and author Nancy M. Wade.  Without her help and guidance, this book would never have come to fruition.  Her editing experience and patience were unbelievable.”   - Nancy Morehead, author Let’s Talk and Stop the Divide

Nancy M. Wade