Today, I have published both Ebook format and paperback books with both Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com for my latest story in the Meadowood Mystery series – Reunion with Death. After much trial and error on cover designs, I decided to choose one of my earlier designs showing a party in progress and a yellow crime scene tape in place. Here’s the description of this cozy mystery and my amateur sleuth, Meredith Gardner.

Reunions are supposed to be fun and a time to celebrate memories and friendships, but not when murder and betrayal intrude as unwanted guests at the Meadowood High School 15-year Class Reunion. The victim is unknown to all but her killer.  Who is she?  What can Meredith Gardner do when her own husband becomes the prime suspect?  Jealousy and passion clash with greed and betrayal.  Can Meredith trust her former beau, Bryan Kirkland?  The years have changed him; he’s not the person she remembers.  There’s more at stake here than learning the identity of a dead woman.  

Meredith (Merry) is a busy wife and mom who always finds time for community projects, leading a cub scout troop or taking care of her many Avon cosmetic customers.  Her cheery, positive and can-do attitude carry her through dire circumstances; especially when dead bodies keep dropping on her doorstep. Merry once again enlists her Aunt Fran and friends to help solve this cozy mystery entangling past loves, a mysterious woman, fraud, and old classmates in their rural, mid-western town of Meadowood.

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Nancy M. Wade