Moment in Time

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 8 of Moment in Time for your review. This novel is a continuation of the Circle-D Saga with the Dunlap family.

{{ London fog, thick as pea soup, shrouded the crowded King’s Crossing train station as Alex waited on the train platform. He stood among people ready to board the last northbound train of the evening. He felt himself being jostled and pushed about in the throng and twice caught himself from stumbling. He wasn’t so drunk as not to be able to stand upright. What the hell?

The train approached the station, blowing steam from its whistle with a single toot and began to slow. Alex now teetered precariously near the platform edge overlooking the rails as he felt a hand on the center of his back.

“Hey, watch it buddy!” Alex yelled. He twisted to see who was behind him when he was suddenly grabbed by a pair of strong arms and hauled away from the dangerous edge.
“Come on, Mack. Let’s see some ID,” demanded a Military Policeman as he dragged Alex through the crowd and back into the station building. 

The locomotive had come to a stop and passengers boarded, grumbling and tired, eager to get home. A man slipped into the rear door of the train car, found an empty row of seats then watched the MP take Dunlap into custody. He missed this time; but there’d be another. }}

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Nancy M. Wade