Moment in Time Excerpt

My story has taken me from the dangerous air war of WWII in Britain to the wild plains of Wyoming as Samuel Dunlap returns to his roots to battle the unrest within his own family and the new dangers of feuding ranchers.

Here is an excerpt from part two of my novel – chapter 16 as Sam arrives back in the United States.

{ The train conductor lowered the large steamer trunk onto the dusty station platform as Sam pressed a two-dollar tip into his hand and thanked him for his help. The exhausting journey cross country from New York took a grueling six days, sleeping upright in seats hard as a rock with little or no cushions. Now finally, they had arrived in Laramie, Wyoming.

Mary lifted her face to the warmth of the sunshine pouring down from the wide blue skies overhead. A light wind blew a fine layer of dust that quickly coated her trunk and shoe tops.  Laramie appeared bigger than the villages she was accustomed to but nowhere near the size of London.  She studied the women walking down a nearby sidewalk; noted their clothing style and the large western hats worn by many.  Her own conservative fashion was in marked contrast; she knew the locals would quickly identify her as an outsider.   

Sam and Mary each lifted an end of the steamer trunk and carried it to the street side of the rail platform.  Light traffic traveled down the few streets in town. Sam scanned the approaching vehicles for any sign of someone from the Circle-D or even Cedarhill. } 

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Nancy M. Wade