Moment in Time Danger

Excerpt from Moment in TimeChapter 11.   Do you see a pattern emerging with the Dunlap brothers?   Looks like their lives might indeed be in danger. Hmmm…

{{   “All right; let me see what’s going on,” Sam said as he placed the tool box next to the front wheel and laid on his back to wriggle underneath the car, disappearing except for his long legs sticking out. He checked the fuel line then the oil pan as he spotted a leak; oil dripped slowly from a loose fitting. Maybe, if he could just tighten that nut…

“Mary, can you hand me that socket wrench and a five-eighth size sprocket?” he called out.
      Mary searched through the box, found what she hoped was the wrench and correct socket then handed the tool to Sam’s outstretched hand from under the car.

The general poked his head out of the doorway to see what was happening; Mary saw him and walked over to him to brief him on the repairs.

Sam squirmed about in the tight space, trying to adjust his angle and reach the problem. The socket didn’t fit; he’d need a different size. He turned his head to try and see Mary’s feet but didn’t see her standing nearby. As he turned his head to the left, he saw a pair of combat boots and called out.

“Hey buddy, can you hand me a half inch sprocket? If you can look inside that tool box, you should see one.”
       In the next instant, the jack was knocked out of position and the car slid off, trapping Sam beneath.

“Help! Somebody, help!” shouted Sam.
      Mary and General Eakers both heard the frantic call and ran toward the disabled car.
      “Oh my God, Sam! Are you all right? Can you move at all?” cried Mary.
      “Jack up this damn car and get it the hell off of me!” yelled Sam. The drive train of the heavy vehicle was sitting a hair’s breadth from his chest and he couldn’t turn his head at all.

The general replaced the jack at the rear axle and quickly pumped the handle himself to raise the car. As soon as there was a space of daylight, Sam slid out from under the vehicle. He was panting heavily and covered in oil but otherwise was unharmed.

“Did you see the guy that was here?” he asked angrily as he searched the area. “If I get my hands on that jerk, I’ll make him sorry.”
      “What do you mean? It wasn’t an accident?” asked Mary. “I didn’t see anyone else around.”

“Thank God the ground was soft from all that rain we’ve had; I was lying in a little gully or that damn car would have crushed my chest.”
      “Sergeant, are you sure you saw someone by the car? Another soldier?” the general inquired.

“Yessir. I don’t know who, but I saw a pair of combat boots standing next to me. I asked him to pass me a socket and the next thing I knew, I was kissing the under carriage.”

“Serious accusations; but without proof, I can’t act on it. I’d say you’ve made an enemy; better be on your guard from now on,” the general advised.   }}

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