Moment in Time

A Circle-D Saga:

I am so thrilled – both proud and exhausted too that I have finished writing my sequel to Endless Circle. Moment in Time still needs to undergo some final edits and tweaking, but the hard part is DONE!! HOORAY! With some more hard work, I hope to be able to publish this book in time for Christmas, maybe even by the end of November? Keeping my fingers crossed.

Here is the synopsis on this gripping World War II romantic suspense, a historical novel set in both England at war and also within the rugged land of Wyoming plains and cattle country.

The Circle-D Saga continues… follow the Dunlap brothers from their struggling cattle ranch on the plains and rugged mountains of Wyoming to the green countryside of war-torn England where they experience both the thrill and dangers of serving on the mighty Flying Fortresses of the Eighth Air Force.  Their sibling rivalry comes to a head when both brothers vie for the heart of a pretty English WAC.  Can Samuel prove himself worthy?  Can he measure up to his older, admired brother Alex?  Will tragedy or triumph await them as each man struggles to survive the battles of a world at war?

 Past conflicts with the sprawling, neighboring Diamond Bar ranch will haunt the young veteran and his new war-bride when they return to the Circle-D ranch.  They must confront cattle rustlers and murderers as they fight to save their home and forge a bright future for themselves and generations to come.

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Nancy M. Wade