Gun For Hire – Excerpt

The third book in the Circle-D SagaGUN FOR HIRE – follows the story of gunslinger Cody Jarvis in Wyoming of the late 1884 until 1898. I’ve just begun writing my latest saga story. I’ll be incorporating his relationship with Maggie Dunlap and her husband James that we learned of through Maggie’s diary accounts in Endless Circle. Now we’ll see and hear the story through Cody’s point of view and learn his real motives for working with the notorious Zachary Logan. Here is an excerpt from chapter two – a gun fight scene on the dusty streets of Deer Springs, WY.

[[ Hot, noon sun rays bounced off the store front’s glass, shooting arcs of white light. Cody tilted his Stetson forward on his brow to block the sun’s glare from his eyes. He started toward the Silver Spur saloon then stopped midway when he heard his name shouted.

“Jarvis!  You yellow-bellied snake, turn around,” a loud voice snarled.  The cowboy stood in the middle of the dusty street and stared defiantly at Cody.

Cody turned to face the threat.  He recognized Boyd Wilson, a low life criminal, hard to forget. Cody had been responsible for sending Wilson to prison ten years ago when they both had served in the army. The problem now was what Wilson was doing in Deer Springs. The last thing he needed was his cover blown.  

People paused outside stores; a couple of wranglers stepped out from the saloon to watch the drama unfolding on the street. Swirls of dust blew up, a lone tumbleweed bounced against the wooden walk while the sun beat down mercilessly.

“I always knew I’d find you one day,” growled Wilson.  His hand slid to his gun holster. His fingers hovered above the hilt.

Cody narrowed his eyes and coolly studied the man before him.  His own right hand hung deceptively relaxed while his left still held the tied paper package. The stick candy protruded from his lips. 

The glare of the sun pierced Wilson’s eyes, he blinked then reached for his gun. It was over in a split second.

Smoke spiraled from the barrel of Cody’s Colt still pointed at the man lying crumpled on the street before him. He slowly slid the revolver into its leather holster and calmly walked toward the saloon, pushing open the swinging doors. ]]

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