Frontier Heart

A lusty, historical romance set in rugged colonial America of 1791; a newly born nation expanding its territory and citizens from Williamsburg, VA into the northwestern territory along the Ohio River.

Here’s an excerpt from Frontier Heart:

Autumn in its magnificent splendor of burnished gold, bronze and lush greens decorated stands of oak, maple and pine trees.  It was a breathtaking panorama that spread out before her.

Shafts of sunlight pierced the forest.  Carrie Thomas stared pensively into the campfire flames.  “How did I ever get myself into this situation?” she wondered. “And what kind of man is it that lies sleeping on the hard ground nearby?  What can I expect from him?  Will he be kind or cold and uncaring?”

Memories of the auction flashed through her mind in vivid detail as she relived the horror of being inspected like a piece of chattel.  Tears of humiliation rolled down her cheeks as the realization of her indentured servitude to this stranger was now her future.   

Life in the rugged and dangerous Northwest Territory required a man to use all his talent and wit. It was hard work carving a homestead out of the wilderness.  Troy Carson had hoped to gain some help with his labors, but did his bid for the bondswoman buy him more than he knew? 

The colonial woodsman, Troy Carson, and the fiery Tory, Carrie Thomas, learn that their frontier life will hold adventures and promises that neither could have predicted. 

Indians and pirates, life threatening battles, hardships and pledged love await the young settlers on the wilderness frontier.

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Nancy M. Wade