Endless Circle – A Circle D Saga

Do the ghosts from our past speak to us?  Can we right the wrongs committed a hundred years ago? 

Andrea (Andy) Dunlap is determined to save her family’s financially struggling Wyoming cattle ranch.  She’ll need to summon all her strength as she copes with the loss of her parents in a suspicious plane crash.  Was it an accident?  Andrea is helped by her childhood friend, Sheriff Jason C. Hartman, as together they become embroiled in murder and treachery while following the clues to solve her parent’s death and uncover secrets from three generations ago. 

Jason and Andrea discover the path to justice may be found within the writings of Maggie Dunlap, Andy’s great-great grandmother, as they read her remarkable diary and story of survival in this rugged land; the betrayal, heartache and loss she suffered of her own true love. Maggie’s resilient pioneer spirit guides them as they unravel the mystery of an 1887 land swindle and murder.

The young lovers are caught in a mystery of deception and family legend as past meets present in this romantic suspense set in the rugged west.  Jason must prove to Andy that his love is strong enough to bridge the gulf between family feuds and suspicions. Andrea and Jason draw their strength and determination from their pioneer stock, but little do they know that their lives were destined to be intertwined, proving that the Endless Circle of love remains unbroken.

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Nancy M. Wade