Dumpster Body

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 4 of “Reunion with Death” – my latest project writing a new Meadowood Mystery.

“I think there’s a dumpster behind here, maybe around the corner,” I said.  We followed the pavement to the rear of the building and saw the dumpster in question.

Suddenly, Colleen screamed.  I stifled my own shriek, caught like a lump in my throat as I stopped, frozen, and stared at bloody legs protruding from the top of the dumpster.  One foot still wore a rubber flip-flop sandal, the other was bare.

“Oh my God,” I whispered.  Trash bags dropped and forgotten, Colleen and I clasped hands, offering each other comfort.  Doug quickly grabbed his cell phone from his pocket and punched in 9-1-1 to call for help.  I listened to him identify himself and our location as my numb mind kept seeing the woman from the restroom, wearing a cotton dress and flip-flops.  Was this her body?

Ron walked around the side of the building from the parking lot looking for us, then stopped in his tracks when he saw us huddled together.  His eyes grew wide with shock as he spotted the dumpster.

“Holy sh… what happened?” Ron exclaimed in disbelief.

Sirens wailed from a distance as emergency vehicles approached the Oak Meadows Inn.  By now a crowd of people had formed outside, the Inn manager and several staff members including cooks and kitchen help.  Everyone stepped back and allowed space for the arriving vehicles.  Someone thought to turn off the siren, but multiple red lights still flashed on the vehicles, creating a strange strobe effect.  I watched hypnotized, unable to move or shift my eyes from the grizzly sight.

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Nancy M. Wade