Deadly Bones: a Meadowood Mystery

Meadowood Mystery series

Paperback and Ebook versions are on sale now for the latest adventures in the Meadowood Mystery series! Get your copy now to read all about Meredith, her friends, and cub scouts’ latest escapade.

How can an innocent Cub Scout field trip to a natural science museum turn so deadly? Meredith Gardner (busy housewife, mom, and den leader) accompanies her mother, Margaret, and their group of curious boys on an archeological dig site that uncovers more than just old bones and fossils. When the paleontologist in charge winds up dead & her mother is found holding the gun, Merry steps in to unravel the puzzle.

Dodging speeding cars, breaking into offices, snooping around in the middle of the night – Meredith butts head with her deputy husband and other law enforcement as she inserts herself into the investigation. With the help of her friends and family she tries to solve this cozy mystery entangling jewel thieves, past loves, and dark secrets within their small mid-western town of Meadowood.

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Nancy M. Wade