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Cody Jarvis – Gun for Hire

Some of my readers have expressed interest in seeing more of the Circle-D Saga with the families of Dunlap, Logan and Hartman. Endless Circle introduced the saga and the history of feuds between the Logan and Dunlap ranches. Moment in Time followed Sam Dunlap as a young man during WWII and his relationship with his father Alexander, who was just a young boy in Endless Circle.

I’ve begun working on book #3 in the saga that will describe the life of Cody Jarvis, the gunslinger who fell in love with Maggie Dunlap in Endless Circle. How did a gun for hire like Cody Jarvis become inter-twined with the Logan, Dunlap and Hartman families? This new story will explain that relationship and continue the wild west story of the late 1880’s in rugged Wyoming where cattle are frequently rustled and life is cheap.

Here’s an excerpt from chapter one:

{{ Cody Jarvis sat back in his saddle as he paused and scanned the horizon before him.  He pushed the brim of his hat off his forehead with the tip of his forefinger and wiped his brow with the cuff of a sleeve.  He was tired and dirty, covered in a week’s worth of grime from riding the trail between Laramie and Deer Springs.  Cody scratched his itchy cheek, dark with a week’s growth of black beard.  He looked every bit the lone cowboy and gunslinger. 

He studied the rough shod town of Deer Springs that rose out of the prairie like a boil on the backside of humanity. The horizon contained outlines of haphazard wooden buildings of varying sizes and heights; two large tents provided temporary shelter.  Crude sod huts and a few roughly constructed log structures dotted the surrounding land. A few head of cattle grazed nearby.

“Probably homesteaders staking a claim,” thought Cody as he surveyed the frontier dwellings. }}

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