Circle-D Saga Trilogy

Just in time for the holidays — a boxed set of the entire Cirlce-D Saga trilogy is available in Ebook format for the low price of only $7.99 for all three books – save four dollars! Read the first book Endless Circle that introduces the Dunlap family in modern day along with the forgotten journal from great-great grandmother Maggie Dunlap that weaves a tapestry of heartbreak and love amidst the corruption and greed for land swindles and murder in the old west.

Follow the Dunlap family through the Great Depression and the perils of World War II as Alex and Sam Dunlap enlist to fight and fly the mighty flying fortresses of the 8th Air Force in war-torn England only to return home to solve cattle rustling and feuds between neighboring ranches in Moment in Time.

Meet gunslinger and under-cover Treasury agent Cody Jarvis in the newest Circle-D saga called Gun For Hire. Relive the chance meeting of Maggie Dunlap and Cody Jarvis as seen through his eyes and journey with him through conflict and love of two women.

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Nancy M. Wade