Christmas Memories

A special Christmas memory from chapter 22 in my novel REFLECTIONS: A SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY

“Sure you’re not too tired to tackle the tree?” Johnny asked me as I entered the living room.

“It won’t take too long; I really want the tree decorated before Christmas Eve and family come to visit.”

“All right, but let me reach the higher branches.  I don’t want you standing on a chair either.”

Using short lengths of thread, I tied groups of pinecones, that I had dabbed with white glue and sprinkled with glitter earlier in the day, onto the fir branches.  The glitter reflected the tree lights, making them sparkle gaily.  Mother had shared a dozen of her glass ornaments and now I carefully added them to the tree.   I placed them securely on stronger branches where I’d have no fear of them falling or breaking.  The delicate glass balls were a variety of bright colors with cut centers resembling a prism; they caught the dancing lights and winked with each movement of the dangling ball.

“Those look really nice, Babe,” Johnny said.  “Hey, I’ve got something for you.”  He handed me a small package.

“Tinsel!  Oh, how wonderful,” I exclaimed as I pulled out the strands of silvery tin and lead foil and began to drape them on the branch tips.  A shimmering curtain of tinsel glistened and reflected all the colored lights.  It gently swayed in the room’s warm air.

“My mother wanted you to have the lametta; icicles like the kind she used in the old country.  It’s a German tradition.”

“They’re beautiful; how kind of your mother to share these with us. Our Christmas tree is just perfect now!”  I smiled and hugged Johnny as I admired the finished tree.

We sat together on the sofa with all the lamps turned off, simply watching the snowflakes swirl outside, while we listened to Christmas carols playing on the radio. We embraced; enjoying the quiet of the night, the nearness of each other, and the soft glow of our Christmas tree.  My husband’s arms were around me; I felt my baby move within me, my world was complete.

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Nancy M. Wade