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Romance and Suspense that span family generations with dangerous feuds and lost love; Historical Romance and action during Colonial America; a rich Family Drama set in WWII; light-hearted Contemporary Romance; plus a Cozy Mystery series -- all this and more can be found in the titles shown here.

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Reunion with Death: A Meadowood Mystery

Book 2 in the Meadowood Mystery series finds Meredith Gardner unraveling a bizarre murder mystery at her own high school class reunion

Look for more of this fun cozy mystery series with Deadly Bones released in May, 2022!


Reunions are supposed to be fun and a time to celebrate memories and friendships, but not when murder and betrayal intrude as unwanted guests at the Meadowood High School 15-year Class Reunion. The victim is unknown to all but her killer.  Who is she?  What can Meredith Gardner do when her own husband becomes the prime suspect?  Jealousy and passion clash with greed and betrayal.  Can Meredith trust her former beau, Bryan Kirkland?  The years have changed him; he's not the person she remembers.  There's more at stake here than learning the identity of a dead woman.  

Meredith (Merry) is a busy wife and mom who always finds time for community projects, leading a cub scout troop or taking care of her many Avon cosmetic customers.  Her cheery, positive and can-do attitude carry her through dire circumstances; especially when dead bodies keep dropping on her doorstep. Merry once again enlists her Aunt Fran and friends to help solve this cozy mystery entangling past loves, a mysterious woman, fraud, and old classmates in their rural, mid-western town of Meadowood.


Scarecrows & Corpses: A Meadowood Mystery

Come visit the Mid-Western town of Meadowood where residents are dying to solve cozy mysteries.


Meredith Gardner is a busy wife, mother and homemaker who volunteers her time on food drives, as a Scout den mother, Avon saleswoman and as a classroom assistant at the local elementary school. She’s got a curious mind and instinct for what’s happening in her beloved community. 

What will happen when Merry (Meredith) and her scout troop find a body in a local Halloween corn maze? Who did the dastardly deed? Someone in town is not whom they pretend to be.  When a friend is accused of murder, Merry is determined to prove him innocent and find the true killer.  Murder and mayhem confront Merry as she protects her own son's life and outwits a diabolical killer on the spookiest night of the year.  Follow Meredith along with her pet cat, Mittens, as she enlists her friends to help solve this cozy mystery amongst the Halloween ghouls and goblins roaming about their mid-western, rural town of Meadowood.

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Deadly Bones: A Meadowood Mystery

Come visit the Mid-Western town of Meadowood where residents are dying to solve cozy mysteries in this latest book 3 of the Meadowood Mystery series.


How can an innocent Cub Scout field trip to a natural science museum turn so deadly? Meredith Gardner (busy housewife, mom, and den leader) accompanies her mother, Margaret, and their group of curious boys on an archeological dig site that uncovers more than just old bones and fossils. When the paleontologist in charge winds up dead & her mother is found holding the gun, Merry steps in to unravel the puzzle. Dodging speeding cars, breaking into offices, snooping around in the middle of the night - Meredith butts head with her deputy husband and other law enforcement as she inserts herself into the investigation. With the help of her friends and family she tries to solve this cozy mystery entangling jewel thieves, past loves, and dark secrets within their small mid-western town of Meadowood.


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Moment in Time: A Circle-D Saga

Moment in Time continues the family saga and mysteries started in Endless Circle
with tales of the Circle-D Saga and generations of the Dunlap and Hartman families spanning from the late 1890s to World War II to modern day.

Moment in Time is a gripping World War II romance suspense.

The Circle-D Saga continues... follow the Dunlap brothers from their struggling cattle ranch on the plains and rugged mountains of Wyoming to the green countryside of war-torn England where they experience both the thrill and dangers of serving on the mighty Flying Fortresses of the Eighth Air Force.  Their sibling rivalry comes to a head when both brothers vie for the heart of a pretty English WAC.  Can Samuel prove himself worthy?  Can he measure up to his older, admired brother Alex?  Will tragedy or triumph await them as each man struggles to survive the battles of a world at war?

 Past conflicts with the sprawling, neighboring Diamond Bar ranch will haunt the young veteran and his new war-bride when they return to the Circle-D ranch.  They must confront cattle rustlers and murderers as they fight to save their home and forge a bright future for themselves and generations to come.

Endless Circle: A Circle-D Saga

The first book of the Circle-D Saga introduces the Dunlap family and their struggles to survive

A third book in the Circle-D Saga is underway - Gun For Hire will explore the life of Cody Jarvis: gunslinger and man of mystery during the wild, rough years of the Wyoming Territory. Watch for the release of this new edition in 2022.


Do the ghosts from our past speak to us?  Can we right the wrongs committed a hundred years ago?

Andrea (Andy) Dunlap is determined to save her family’s financially struggling Wyoming cattle ranch.  She’ll need to summon all her strength as she copes with the loss of her parents in a suspicious plane crash.  Was it an accident?  Andrea is helped by her childhood friend, Sheriff Jason C. Hartman, as together they become embroiled in murder and treachery while following the clues to solve her parent’s death and uncover secrets from three generations ago.

 Jason and Andrea discover the path to justice may be found within the writings of Maggie Dunlap, Andy’s great-great grandmother, as they read her remarkable diary and story of survival in this rugged land; the betrayal, heartache and loss she suffered of her own true love. Maggie’s resilient pioneer spirit guides them as they unravel the mystery of an 1887 land swindle and murder.

The young lovers are caught in a mystery of deception and family legend as past meets present in this romantic suspense set in the rugged west.  Jason must prove to Andy that his love is strong enough to bridge the gulf between family feuds and suspicions. Andrea and Jason draw their strength and determination from their pioneer stock, but little do they know that their lives were destined to be intertwined, proving that the Endless Circle of love remains unbroken.

Endless Circle
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Reflections: Sentimental Journey

This rich family drama was inspired by a true life story - love, loss, dreams and sacrifice.


A young couple meet during the Great Depression, coping with poverty and hunger. They are among the generation that must survive and overcome the turmoil of a world at war.  A story of family tragedy, love and war, sacrifice and duty shared in memories of times gone by.

Is there a difference between loving someone and being in love?  Mariah must search her heart and mind to learn the answer of that age-old question.

Mariah Smith is a young girl struggling to survive during the end of the Great Depression and onset of World War II in Camden, New Jersey.  The oldest child of five, Mariah had to grow up fast when her father abandoned them; leaving her mother to feed and clothe her children with mere pennies.  As she copes with poverty and fights to create a better life, Mariah is torn between her love for two brothers, Johnny and Will Bateman. 

Johnny’s rugged good looks and outgoing ways attract Mariah like a moth to a candle flame.  His flattering attention sweeps her off her feet; laying his claim to her.  Until she meets Wilhelm.  Will is serious and sensitive, a soul mate matching Mariah’s own shy nature. She is drawn to the handsome boy with his kindred spirit.

How can she choose between them?  Does she have the right?

Their story is a reflection of the times in which they lived; a sentimental journey through the memories of young love, dreams and sacrifice.

Frontier Heart

Young love, mistrust, and danger in the Colonial wilderness.


Autumn in its magnificent splendor of burnished gold, bronze and lush greens decorated stands of oak, maple and pine trees.  It was a breathtaking panorama that spread out before her.

Shafts of sunlight pierced the forest.  Carrie Thomas stared pensively into the campfire flames.

“How did I ever get myself into this situation?” she wondered.  “And what kind of man is it that lies sleeping on the hard ground nearby?  What can I expect from him?  Will he be kind or cold and uncaring?”

Memories of the auction flashed through her mind in vivid detail as she relived the horror of being inspected like a piece of chattel.  Tears of humiliation rolled down her cheeks as the realization of her indentured servitude to this stranger was now her future.  

Life in the rugged and dangerous Northwest Territory required a man to use all his talent and wit.  It was hard work carving a homestead out of the wilderness.  Troy Carson had hoped to gain some help with his labors, but did his bid for the bondswoman buy him more than he knew?

The colonial woodsman, Troy Carson, and the fiery Tory, Carrie Thomas, learn that their frontier life will hold adventures and promises that neither could have predicted.

Indians and pirates, life threatening battles, hardships and pledged love await the young settlers on the wilderness frontier.


Courtship of Laura

Humorous, contemporary, romantic short story between two strangers.


Two strangers meet at an outdoor concert, igniting flames of desire.

Handsome and virile local attorney, Tommy Marshall, just spent a whirlwind weekend with a mysterious woman whose only identity is the customized license plate on her vintage Porsche.

He’s never met anyone like the stunning blond who both aroused and intrigued him.  Sparks fly when the lady challenges him to learn a whole new meaning to the word Courtship.

Nancy M. Wade