Dumpster Body

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 4 of “Reunion with Death” – my latest project writing a new Meadowood Mystery. “I think there’s a dumpster behind here, maybe around the corner,” I said.  We followed the pavement to the rear of the building and saw the dumpster in question. Suddenly, Colleen screamed.  I stifled my own shriek, caught …

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Valentine’s Day

According to a search of the History Channel facts and traditions, February 14th, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Mexico, and Australia. In Great Britain, Valentine’s Day began to be popularly celebrated around the 17th century. By the middle of the 18th, it was common for friends and …

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Calling All Writers

I am a member of a local Tri-City and Tri-State writer’s guild called the LOST STATE WRITERS GUILD. The Lost State refers to the original State of Franklin, TN. Our members reside between the Tri-City areas of Bristol, TN/Va, Johnson City, TN and Kingsport, TN but we also have members in North Carolina and VA …

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Reunion with Death

Meadowood is a happening place. Meredith and Colleen worked hard to create a fun class reunion party. But trouble is always brewing no matter where or when. Here’s an excerpt from “REUNION WITH DEATH”. {{ My husband took me into his arms; the music was one of our favorite romantic songs, as we glided in …

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Jolly Ole Christmas

1943 – Moment in Time celebrates Christmas in wartime England complete with air raids and black out curtains, rationing of food and petro.  Sgt. Samuel Dunlap has met a lovely English lass, Mary Barnes of the ATS.  Mary has invited Sam for Christmas dinner and offered to pick him up at the air base.   {{ “By the way, what’s …

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Frontier Heart Christmas

In keeping with the Christmas holiday season, I am sharing a scene from Chapter 15 of Frontier Heart as newlyweds Troy and Carrie Carson prepare for the holiday in their snug log cabin situated in the wilderness land of the Ohio Valley following the American Revolutionary War. {{ Christmas filled the air and the snug …

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Christmas Memories

A special Christmas memory from chapter 22 in my novel REFLECTIONS: A SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY “Sure you’re not too tired to tackle the tree?” Johnny asked me as I entered the living room. “It won’t take too long; I really want the tree decorated before Christmas Eve and family come to visit.” “All right, but let …

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Reunion with Death

Meredith Gardner and her classmates are preparing for their 15th high school class reunion. As usual, things go astray quickly. Here’s an excerpt from chapter one with a conversation between Meredith and Colleen. . . . “When we started putting together this reunion party nine months ago, I really thought it might be a lost …

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Coming Soon!

Just started plotting my next Meadowood Mystery – Reunion with Death. You’re going to love this new murder mystery with Meredith Gardner and her friends during a high school 15-year reunion. Check back for details and excerpts as I progress on my next novel.

Sale – Scarecrows & Corpses

Scarecrows and Corpses – Ebook format for Kindle – will be on a special promotion sale next week Sept. 13-20th, 2020. The earlier you buy, the more you can save! Regular priced E-book is $3.99, starting Sunday you can purchase for only $1.99 now price goes up to $2.99 on Wednesday. Take advantage of the …

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Nancy M. Wade