July 2019

Book Marks

So if I were taking a survey on proper and common bookmarks and asked the question: What do you use as a bookmark? What kind of answers do you think I would hear? Please don’t tell me you bend a corner of the page or lay the book face down, which is bad for your …

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Moment in Time Danger

Excerpt from Moment in Time, Chapter 11.   Do you see a pattern emerging with the Dunlap brothers?   Looks like their lives might indeed be in danger. Hmmm… {{   “All right; let me see what’s going on,” Sam said as he placed the tool box next to the front wheel and laid on his back to wriggle underneath the car, disappearing except …

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Moment in Time

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 8 of Moment in Time for your review. This novel is a continuation of the Circle-D Saga with the Dunlap family. {{ London fog, thick as pea soup, shrouded the crowded King’s Crossing train station as Alex waited on the train platform. He stood among people ready to board the …

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Cozy Mystery

I’m close to completing and publishing by this fall my Moment in Time – the Circle D Saga continuation. My next project will be a series of “cozy mystery” stories that I’ve decided to label Meadowood Mysteries. If you are familiar with the Hallmark channel mysteries of the amateur female detective who always seems to …

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Courtship of Laura

Courtship of Laura is a contemporary, light-hearted romantic short story. Handsome and virile local attorney, Tommy Marshall, just spent a whirlwind weekend with a mysterious woman whose only identity is the customized license plate on her vintage Porsche. He’s never met anyone like the stunning blond who both aroused and intrigued him.  Sparks fly when the …

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Frontier Heart

A lusty, historical romance set in rugged colonial America of 1791; a newly born nation expanding its territory and citizens from Williamsburg, VA into the northwestern territory along the Ohio River. Here’s an excerpt from Frontier Heart: Autumn in its magnificent splendor of burnished gold, bronze and lush greens decorated stands of oak, maple and …

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me on my literary journey! Share my literary musings, thoughts and writing excerpts on my blog pages.

Nancy M. Wade